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Christmas Craft – Reindeer Spoons



We’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit and came up with this cute idea for the kids (big and small) using wooden spoons.

You will need 

wooden spoons (or plastic is just as good) pom poms, googly eyes, bell’s,

bow ties and pipe cleaners and a dash of glue.

Now we have used the dipped side of the spoon for ours,

but you can also use the back side of the spoon.

We do love though, how the curve of the spoon makes our little reindeer’s

eyes cross ever so slightly. we think it gives them extra character.


The original idea was to write a name along the handle of the spoon

and use as a place card for Xmas lunch but then the kids started creating

characters for a puppet show with them

nothing like good old fashioned creative play we say….

and if you are into giving plants for Xmas presents, then we think they would also be perfect  popped into the soil too.